“…And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and
they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.”
~ John 10:16

  1. A popular passage
    a. The mystery of Christ revealed to Paul was not revealed before – Rom 16:25, Eph 3:1-6
    i. What is it? The body of Christ, a new creature saved w/o Israel, law, covenants
    b. John 10:16 is a common response to the idea that John does not teach the mystery
    c. John 10:1-18 has been a popular passage for centuries
    d. It communicates  Jesus is the only way to green pasture, the people going in are
    sheep, Jesus gives his life for his people, he has people not in this place he must gather
    e. Some wrong assumptions:
    i. 1) We are the sheep, Jesus is our Shepherd
    ii. 2) The other fold is Gentiles, Gentiles getting blessed is the mystery
    iii. 3) Bringing people together, oneness, is the mystery
    f. It is not sufficient to show similarities, one must deal with differences
  2. Who are the Sheep?
    a. Who are the people of Ps 95:7 and Psalm 23?
    b. Israel is identified as God’s sheep  Ps 77:20, 78:52, Jer 50:7, Matt 10:5-6
    c. The green pastures was literal  they were led to the promised land – Eze 34:30-31
    d. Paul never uses the words sheep, lamb, shepherd, fold, pasture (Peter does 1Pe 2:25)
    e. The body of Christ never called weak/defenseless sheep, but conquerors – Rom 8:36
  3. Gentiles are sheep, too?
    a. Gentile blessing is not the mystery Is 11:10,49:6,60:3, Ro 15:8-11, Ps 18:49,117
    b. ”not of this fold” said to be Gentiles, but the context demands Israel –Jn 11:52, Mt 15:24
    c. Micah 2:11-13 prophecies of gathering together the sheep of God
    d. Gentile nations compared to sheep here  Matt 25:32 – but this is acc. to prophecy! v34
    e. Nothing Jesus says was mystery – unless you put words in his mouth.
  4. Gathering Together in One
    a. Gathering people together is not unique to the mystery – Gen 2:24
    b. “one shepherd” – after Israel had been split, the two become one again – Eze 37:16-24
    c. Eph 1:10 is the mystery of his will = all things gathered together in Christ
    i. An earthly gathering together spoken in Prophecy, heavenly was secret
    d. The mystery is nor merely two become one, but two become one new – Eph 2:15
    i. The body is different than the tree or the fold or the land or the nation.
    e. We cannot read into a passage what is not there.
    f. It is not sufficient to show similarities, one must deal with the differences

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